Re-elect David Gauke

Congratulations to Gagan Mohindra on his election as MP for SW Herts.

It has been an enormous privilege to represent this seat and I hope he enjoys being MP here as much as I have.

I am very grateful to the 15,919 who voted for me as an Independent. I am particularly grateful to the hundreds of volunteers from a range of political views who helped deliver a great campaign. Sadly not to be.

It is clear to me that in seats like SW Herts there is a yearning for the pragmatic politics of the centre-ground. Not sure quite what the future holds for me but I’ll continue to make that case.

David Gauke

Why Vote for David?

David is widely recognised as a good constituency MP as well as a senior and experienced Westminster figure. He has demonstrated his determination to put the national interest first by resigning from the Cabinet in opposition to Boris Johnson’s reckless approach to Brexit. He was also a leading figure in Parliament’s successful efforts to block the UK crashing out in October without a deal.

David believes that Boris Johnson’s deal will lead to a hard Brexit that will hurt jobs and living standards. Rather than Parliament just rubber stamping the deal, he backs a confirmatory vote giving the public the chance to decide whether to leave or remain and would support Remain.

David is the only one who can defeat Boris Johnson’s no deal Brexit candidate in South West Hertfordshire.

David’s commitment to you

David Gauke

“If elected, I promise to:

  • Serve my whole term as an Independent MP
  • Support a confirmatory vote on Brexit and campaign to Remain
  • Never facilitate Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister
  • Fight for moderate, centre-ground politics

“As someone who has lived in the constituency for nearly 18 years, I am the only one who can defeat Boris Johnson’s hard Brexit candidate.”

About David

David has been the MP for South West Hertfordshire since 2005.  He was a Treasury minister from 2010 to 2017, Secretary of State for Work & Pensions 2017-18 and Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor 2018-19.  He resigned from the Cabinet in July in opposition to a no deal Brexit.  David had a leading role in ensuring that Parliament stopped us from crashing out of the EU in October and, as a consequence, lost the Conservative whip.

David lives in Chorleywood with his wife and their three sons who attend local schools.  He is a Patron of the Hospice of St Francis, the Watford Peace Hospice, the Three Rivers Museum and the Rickmansworth Branch of the British Legion.

Outside of politics, David enjoys reading, country walks and watching his sons play football, rugby and cricket.  David also occasionally plays cricket himself.